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Each CITY is custom manufactured, allowing us to build your vehicle the way you want it! Fill out the form below to get started!



    Designed with a Space-Frame construction means that the occupants are surrounded by a steel cage of protection.


    Being extremely maneuverable doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice functionality. With ample trunk space you will embrace it’s compact size for around town errands.


    Inside you are met with premium stitched upholstery, bluetooth stereo, and climate control. The glass roof and doors provide amazing visibility and a sense of freedom.


    A 60 volt AC brushless drive system, paired with our SC Power Cube intelligent lithium battery pack means you’ll be big on power and small on maintenance.

    CITY 2 Specs

    Battery: Lithium

    Drive system: 60v/4kw

    Range: 95kms

    Charger: On board 110v

    Climate Control: 3 speed heat and A/C

    Stereo: Bluetooth

    Brakes: Hydraulic 4 disc

    Park Brake: Automatic


    • Basic vehicle 2yr bumper to bumper or 10,000kms
    • Drivetrain and battery 5yrs or 20,000kms


    • Length 79”
    • width 50”
    • height 60”
    • Weight: 900lbs
    • Seating: 2


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