April 15th, 2021 Press Release

The Municipality of Lambton Shores approves the use of Low Speed Vehicles.

After a year of red tape, Grand Bend business partners get municipal approval to get BC manufactured LSVs on the road, making it the first approved municipality in Ontario.

GRAND BEND, April, 15th, 2021— eCartsOntario, Ontario exclusive sales agents of SC Carts, announced today that the Municipality of Lambton Shores has passed a bylaw approving the use of Low Speed Vehicles.

When Covid-19 put everyone into lock-down, retired Grand Bend business men, Don Liley and Dave Marr were wondering what they would do with their time, now that they could not travel. While surfing the web, Don stumbled upon a manufacturer of Low Speed Vehicles (LSV’s), in Vernon BC, which was experiencing great success. SC Carts, already producing LSV’s for the BC market, arranged for certification for the Ontario market under the Ministry of Transport Ontario LSV Pilot. These small electric vehicles would be great for getting around town or running errands. In fact, less than a month ago, the BC manufacturer introduced another line of LSV’s to target the larger cities.

On July 1, 2017, the Ministry of Transportation Ontario launched a 10 year pilot program for LSV’s (Ontario Regulation 215/17 Pilot Project – Low Speed Vehicles).  LSV’s are electric, environmentally friendly and efficient and must meet all the requirements of the LSV pilot.  LSV’s travel at a speed up to 40 KPH and can only be driven on roads and highways with a maximum speed limit of up to 50 KPH.  The LSV must be licensed, insured and driven by a licensed driver just like a car.  

You would think this would be straight forward, just buy a LSV and start driving. We’re the first one’s in the province to meet all of the required criteria.

One of the conditions of the pilot program is that the local municipality must approve the use of LSV’s in the Municipality and support this approval with a by-law for same. Don and Dave went to work researching and exploring options. Through thousands of hours and numerous discussions with local councillors, officials managing the pilot program at the MTO, and discussions with several people representing the Insurance industry, their efforts have paid off after a long year of research and negotiations.

On April 13, 2021, the Municipality of Lambton Shores approved the By-law allowing the use of LSV’s on municipal roads within the areas that are permitted by the MTO and LSV regulations.

  • Low Speed Vehicles (LSVs) fit within the MTO’s support of emerging technologies that can help move people safely and efficiently while limiting environmental impacts. 
  • These LSVs promote transportation modes that are environmentally friendly, help to reduce air pollution and reduce reliance on conventional fuel.
  • LSV’s are a convenient alternative to cars and trucks as a second household vehicle.
  • Depending on the LSV model, they can carry from 2 to 6 passengers as long as all passengers have a 3 point seat belt.

“I look forward to seeing how LSVs are received by the community. LSVs compliment the current offerings of E-vehicles to the public and we have the opportunity to become a leader in this endeavour.” – Dave Maguire – Ward 1 Councilor on last week’s bylaw

We are very excited with this news and encourage other Municipalities that want to promote this green, environmentally friendly form of transportation in their communities to quickly get a by-law in place.   For information or interview requests contact [email protected] or [email protected]